Judith Kerr's Kitchen Screenprint

Judith Kerr's Kitchen Screenprint


This is part of a series of screen prints I'm working on: Interiors of the homes of artists I admire, with their cats. Why not!

This is based on Judith Kerr's kitchen, which you might know because she illustrated it too - famously in her picture book The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It was a beloved book of my childhood (I loved that the tiger drank 'all of the water in the tap') and as an illustrator I love that Judith used her own kitchen as reference. Part of the real kitchen itself is now in a museum in Newcastle,'Seven Stories', which also holds her archive.

The print shows an imagined view over Barnes Common (where Judith lived) from the kitchen featuring the famed yellow cupboards, some lovely 70s tiles and one of her cats - Katinka (who, along with Mog, also became one of Judith Kerr's characters).

Hand screen printed with water based inks in an edition of 40, signed and numbered, on heavyweight paper. Size 8x10" (203 x 254mm approx) with the image being approx 105mm square.

Judith Kerr's Kitchen Screenprint Image 2 Judith Kerr's Kitchen Screenprint Image 3 Judith Kerr's Kitchen Screenprint Image 4
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