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My body's not a graveyard. Stickers for the V Gang.

A6 sheet of vinyl stickers featuring six designs, shaped and kiss cut, ready for you to stick activist-style on sad dead dinners and the like.

Also, credit to Queen Margaret Atwood for the phrase 'smelly bone' of course.

Image of Small Cards: Heath
Small Cards: Heath
Image of Small Cards: Coast
Small Cards: Coast
Image of Small Cards: Woodland
Small Cards: Woodland
Image of Swallow Card
Swallow Card
Image of Little Owl Card
Little Owl Card
Image of LOVE card
LOVE card
Image of 2019 Diary
On sale
2019 Diary
Image of Love Potion card
Love Potion card
Image of Lucky Black Cat Card
Lucky Black Cat Card
Image of I'm Bored (kid's activity book)
I'm Bored (kid's activity book)
Image of Midnight Sun Card
Midnight Sun Card
Image of Shooting Stars Card
Shooting Stars Card
Image of Double Rainbow Card
Double Rainbow Card
Image of Seabird Card
Seabird Card
Image of Nasturtium Card
Nasturtium Card
Image of Owl Pot Card
Owl Pot Card
Image of FIRE greetings card
FIRE greetings card
Image of Bat Card
Bat Card
Image of Moon Card
Moon Card
Image of Friendly Flower Card
Friendly Flower Card
Image of ICE greetings card
ICE greetings card
Image of Meadow Sketchbook / Notebook
Meadow Sketchbook / Notebook
Image of Moth Sketchbook / Notebook
Moth Sketchbook / Notebook
Image of solid / liquid / gas notebook set
Sold out
solid / liquid / gas notebook set
Image of Mystic Powers Card
Mystic Powers Card
Image of Magic Vibes Card
Magic Vibes Card
Image of Spells Book 2
Spells Book 2
Image of Spell Book 1
Spell Book 1
Image of Present card
Present card
Image of Salut! card
Salut! card
Image of Perfect Posy card
Perfect Posy card
Image of Lucky Clover card
Lucky Clover card
Image of Bunch 'o Balloons card
Bunch 'o Balloons card
Image of BIG CAKE Greetings Card
BIG CAKE Greetings Card
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