One Letter  (zine/puzzle)

One Letter (zine/puzzle)


A whimsical little word challenge. Get from 'boot' to 'boot' in 24 steps changing one letter at a time. For example, boot becomes boAt, becomes bRat etc., with 24 illustrations to act as clues.
9cm x 17cm approx, digitally printed on 100% recycled paper, bound with red thread.

If you want us to include the 'answers' (we will put them on a slip of paper and seal it so you can open it if / when you get stuck or when you've finished) then please add a note to your order started checkout saying you'd like them :)

One Letter  (zine/puzzle) Image 2 One Letter  (zine/puzzle) Image 3 One Letter  (zine/puzzle) Image 4 One Letter  (zine/puzzle) Image 5
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