Vanessa Bell's room screen print

Vanessa Bell's room screen print


I've illustrated Vanessa Bell's bedroom for this three colour screen print. Vanessa Bell was a painter, designer, part of the Bloomsbury group, and lived at 'Charleston' in Sussex. The house is now a museum which you can visit. The interiors are fantastic - painted panels, furniture (like the wardrobe featured in this print) and soft furnishings making the whole thing a work of art.

Vanessa was a cat lover and I've put Marco Polo, one of her cats, in the print, having a nap on the bed. Her painting studio was across the way from the bedroom and in Frances Spalding's biography she says this about painting and having a cat :) "Vanessa had a [equally] relaxed attitude towards her work... frequently obliged to break off from what she was doing in order to attend to domestic matters. Also she now had a cat - called Marco Polo because he travelled well - and his presence in the studio, she found, made her lazier still." We can relate...

Printed in three colours (water based) on white heavyweight paper (270gsm) size 8x10" (203 x 254mm), image size 105 x 105mm approx, in an edition of 40. Signed and numbered.

Vanessa Bell's room screen print  Image 2 Vanessa Bell's room screen print  Image 3 Vanessa Bell's room screen print  Image 4
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